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Insurance Restoration Specialists 

Storms and inclement weather often cause damage to homes, and people remain unaware that their insurance company is liable for the cost of the damages. Shamrock Construction specializes in insurance restoration, and our hardworking team has expert experience dealing with insurance companies to handle storm related damage insurance claims. 

Insurance Claims

Shamrock Construction is locally owned and operated, and has a professional relationship with all the insurance companies in the Roscoe area. We meet with representatives to discuss your case and the damage caused, and will negotiate for equitable compensation on your behalf. Even if you think that you might not have damage, we highly recommend calling us to set up a free inspection.

Time Limits

Time is of the essence when filing an insurance claim due to storm damage, as most insurance companies have limited claim periods. Damages that are not addressed in a timely manner often become more serious over time, so get in touch now to set up a free inspection and discuss the possible options regarding your personal insurance claim.

Call us now, in Northern Illinois, at (815) 623-3179 and obtain more information about our insurance claims and home restoration.

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